Livinwood - Wooden Buildings

The Livinwood is a company formed by a team together by the dream of improving the quality of life of people.

Devoting himself mainly to the design, development and construction of wooden houses, the Livinwood seeks to provide innovative solutions for low-cost housing, based on its innovative construction system from a technical point of view.

All raw materials used are certified and their homes have energy certificate.

Their customers rely on the most demanding criteria in the choice of materials and their application. They have the absolute guarantee that are carried out in accordance with the regulations laid down in a European area and obtain a certificate of warranty of 30 years.

The Livinwood provides its customers with a team of architects and engineers experienced in drafting and adoption of custom projects, doing everything from tracking the elaboration of these pending the adoption at City Hall and obtaining the license of habitability.

Are still part of the team of highly experienced professionals Livinwood in obtaining housing loans, getting the approval of same with the best conditions.

In short, Livinwood is dedicated to the design and construction of a wide range of wooden constructions:

- Houses
- Modular Homes
- Mobile homes
- Bungalows
- Walkways
- Pergolas
- Sheds
- Deck ยด s
- Floors
- Bridges
- Carpenter jobs

Welcome to LIVINWOOD!