Constructive System

The construction system used by Livinwood in the construction of all types of homes (houses, modular, bungalows, mobile-home, etc.) is adaptable to any plant and architecture. It may still be coated with coatings to customer choice, whether wood, stucco, stone or tile.

Consists of walls into panels and roof slab in fir wood properly treated against fungi and humidity, sized according to EC5.

The thickness of the walls is always variable depending on being outdoors or interiors, finishes applied and load borne by the same.

The exterior walls are triples and consisting of exterior cladding, structural Panel and interior lining. In the empty spaces of the structure are always placed the thermal and acoustic insulation and external surface ventilation box of 30 mm.

For interior walls, these are also triples (interior lining, structural Panel and interior lining). Acoustic insulation still is placed in the empty spaces.

Depending on the architecture chosen by the client, the coverage can be flat or water. In the case of traditional architecture, the beams of the structure may be visible, giving a more rustic air to the House.

Adaptable to any project and architecture

Adaptable to any flooring

Fast building

Warranty 30 years

Raw material certified and approved

Financed by mortgages